Lottery calculator app

Want to win a lottery jackpot? There's an app for that! People use their cell phones for everything these days, and entering the lottery is no exception.

Lottery Number Selectors, Converters and Calculators

While nothing can guarantee that you will hit a big jackpotthere are plenty of lottery apps out there that can make entering and winning! Here are just a few of the useful things that you can do if you download a lottery app for your cell phone or mobile device.

If you haven't been having luck choosing your own winning numbers, a lottery app might help. An app like the one from Random. You can also use a lottery number generator like Lottery Formulawhich includes statistical information for a bunch of different lotteries including MegaMillionsPowerballand state lotteries in its number recommendations.

You can pick whether you want to choose numbers that are drawn frequently, numbers that appear more rarely, or your own lucky numbers to play. If you want to play favorite numbers like birth dates of your loved ones, personal lucky numbers, or meaningful anniversaries, lottery apps can help make sure you don't get mixed up.

An app like the MegaMillions and Powerball App stores your lucky numbers so that you don't make any mistakes when it's time to buy your tickets. Have you ever found out about a huge jackpot too late to try to win it? Lottery apps can make sure that never happens again. Many apps, including the apps offered by nearly every state lotterygive you the chance to get alerts when their jackpots hit a certain level.

You can decide whether to get an alert when the jackpot amount changes at all or when the amount you could win makes it worth it to you to play. Lottery apps give you different ways to be notified including through push notifications on your phone or by email.

Pick the notification method that's most likely to get your attention. Using jackpot alerts ensures that you don't sit on the sidelines while someone else scoops up your huge lottery win.

lottery calculator app

Big lottery drawings are usually broadcast live on television. But what if you've cut your television cord, aren't usually sitting around on the couch in the evenings when the broadcasts are made, or would rather be watching something else at that time of night?

If you'd like the excitement of seeing the lottery drawings performed live but don't want to be bound to your television set, download a lottery app like LotteryHUBthe official app of Powerball and MegaMillions.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Lottery Calculator TitanGen Entertainment. Add to Wishlist. Calculates the lump-sum and annuity 30 payments for the two United States multi-state lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions. The amount provided is after federal and state tax withholdings. Features - State lottery tax selection - Choose to view Powerball or Mega Millions payments - View the winning drawing numbers - Reminders on draw dates to purchase your winning tickets - Set notification when jackpots go above your "Woo Hoo!

Reviews Review Policy. You can now share jackpot and split amounts with your friends. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

Privacy Policy. See more. Scan your Powerball and Mega Millions tickets quickly and easily! Tennessee Lottery Official App.

Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. Check lottery tickets, VIP Rewards, view past winning numbers and more! Lottery Results: Mass. J Jones.

Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools (2020 Update)

Are you a winner? CT Lottery. Scientific Games Corporation. Idaho Castle Rock ITS. Idaho road condition information, roadside camera images, and traffic reports. More by TitanGen. Urinal Etiquette. Game to check which urinal to used based on occupancy.Odds Calculator U.

Lottery Powerball Number Selector D. Leave us a question or comment on Facebook. Com All Rights Reserved. Lottery Number Selectors, Converters and Calculators Below is a list of calculators and selector programs available for use in picking Lottery numbers for various national, regional and state lotteries. We have written and provided these for your use and convenience, and hopefully some luck.

Our calculators can merely indicate the odds for various results, or help select numbers. We can't garuntee results. While we do not advocate gambling, the routines we have used have some reasonable logic to them.

If you consider this as entertainment and play responsibly, we commend you. We don't even consider this gambling really, since the odds are so absurd. Your chances of winning one of these are NOT very good! In fact, they are horrible! We have not done the odds calculation on any of the lottery games but have posted them when the governing organization has made them known. We feel that our odds calculation is much closer to correct than many of the odds posted. Play these types of games responsibly.

We make no warranties as to your result of using any of these selectors. Please be aware that ALL of these are different and our selectors are based on the particular game indicated. Do NOT use a selector for the wrong game or for a similar game of a different state.

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Each game has specific rules for number selection. These have all had a rework to allow multiple selections to be placed on the clipboard for eventual printing, a single step selector and a stop button for the rolling number selector. We are not involved with any of these organizations; we do NOT participate in any of the revenues.

We don't benefit from you playing any of these games and you probably won't either. Actually, we would just as soon you "played" with our selector and just saved your money. However, that is up to you. Please consider it as entertainment and not your next paycheck. If you can't afford to lose what you are gambling, don't do it! We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have.

lottery calculator app

Enjoy and good luck! Lotteries By State. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.Don't quit your job just yet. Let the Lottery Calculator figure out how much money you could walk away with from the office lottery pool. Just plug in the lottery jackpot, state you reside in and number of co workers that are in your lottery pool and cha-ching-- you know if you can quit that 9 to 5 drudgery.

Features: Assess if the jackpot is big enough to share Figure out it its even worth the hassle of collecting for the lottery pool this week. Determine jackpot size based on cash payout option and estimated state taxes.

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Download this app today so you never have to see your co workers again. User interface improvements. Bug fixes. I pulled this app out with a few friends over dinner the other day and it's funny to see how much money each one of us would actually be winning if we divided the earnings equally.

It's fun to think about winning the lottery…and that's exactly what this app allows you to do. Requires iOS 7.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Don't quit your job just yet. Jan 9, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Erik Greenwald. Size 4. Category Entertainment.

Increase your lottery odds - Part 1

Compatibility Requires iOS 7. Languages English. App Support. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. My Shows. Klingon Clock - Alien time.Looking to increase your odds of winning the lottery with prediction software? In this article, we'll talk about the best lottery software and prediction tools that claim to do that and more.

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They all work in different ways. Some rely on mathematical analysis, others on tested strategiesand a few are even based on astrology. In the end, however, they all deliver the same thing — predictions that increase your odds of hitting the jackpot! And if you're looking for a place to test these tools, we recommend reading up on our favorite places to play the lottery online. WinSlips Ultimate is the best value for money you can get. Love playing Pick3?

Look no further. This tried and tested software coupled with excellent customer service is a safe bet. Personalized Winning Numbers? Each one is great in its own way, and we've highlighted how below. Math-based prediction tools to help you win the lottery — all from your web browser. WinSlips is powered by two separate lottery systems that look for winning combinations by intelligently reducing the pool of numbers, thereby increasing your odds of winning.

It promises to make picking the winning numbers much easier. Plus, there are no downloads necessary — it all works online. Given they have had zero failures since and boast over 20, satisfied customers, we definitely recommend you check them out and decide for yourself. Easy to use software leveraging strategies developed by a time lottery winner.

Richard Lustig won the lottery 23 times, 7 of which were large jackpots. You can watch this controversial video warning: it's over 15 minutes longwhere he explains his winning strategy and why he decided to share his secret with others. Watch it and decide if you want to capitalize on the limited-time discounted offer. We have also written a in-depth review of Richard Lustig's software and his story in greater depth if you want to read our take on whether you should buy his software or not.

Lottery Maximizer.

PowerBall/Mega Millions Calculator

One of the few software tools dedicated exclusively to help increase your odds of winning Pick 3. Pick3Sniper too is completely web-based and doesn't require any downloads, which is always more convenient as you can access the numbers on your mobile while purchasing lottery tickets.

Pick 3 Sniper. Comprehensive lottery software for generating winning combinations and much more.

lottery calculator app

True to its name, Beat Lottery gives you tools to help you beat the system. It features a number generator that makes predictions based on hot numbers, high probability combinations, and other winning patterns.

On top of that, Beat Lottery also displays complete lottery win statistics and patterns in great detail for you. You can even check your ticket results and track your ticket history directly from the software.Retrieved May 23, 2011. Archived from the original on May 26, 2017.

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lottery calculator app

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